Sunday, March 21, 2010

Michigan State Ends Maryland's Season

85-83 Michigan State wins at the buzzer. Maryland came back from 16 points down to take the lead 83-82. Then Michigan State guard Korie Lucious made the game-winning three-point shot from the top of the key at the buzzer. End of game, end of season, end of career for Greivis Vasquez, who became Maryland's second all time leading scorer in the game.

I'm very proud of the Terps for coming back the way they did in the second half today. It was fun watching them play this year and even Benjamin got to see them play back in December. He became a fan this year as we watched games together.

To summarize the Terps season: These guys ALWAYS came back in the second half this year. Sometimes it worked - MOST times it worked - this time it didn't.

This Maryland team was one of the most mentally tough 'second half' Terp teams I've ever seen in my 40 years of following Terp basketball. I won't forget this team. Terps came from nowhere in the pre-season to share the regular season ACC title and had the ACC Player in Greivis Vasquez and Coach of the Year in Gary Williams. Be proud Terps fans.

On a personal note this team did a lot for me as this Fall I get the news of a job layoff, my Mother in Law had a brain tumor removed successfully and has undergone a lengthy rehabilitation process and I lost my Uncle Dave. For a couple hours two or three times a week I just totally got into the games they were playing. No, I won't ever forget these guys. I'm just sad it ended today but if they had to check out, I'm glad it was to a good coach who runs a classy program. This is why I will root for Michigan State the rest of the way.

I would like to add one more note about Greivis Vasquez. As I said earlier he became Maryland's second all time leading scorer today by passing Len Bias (Juan Dixon is number one). In the last two minutes of today's game Vasquez took the team and put it on his back for one final ride. It was like he was telling the team - "We're not going to lose! We didn't come this far, work this hard to lose." He scored ten points in those two minutes and nailed the shot that put the Terps ahead 83-82 and I thought Maryland had it. So close.

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Bill-DC said...

Scott Van Pelt, Matyland grad, ESPN radio and Sports Center host said it best on Inside MD Sports Message Board:

This is today's One Big Thing which closes the show:

One shining moment is always appointment tv if you love the tournament....the images always make me a little misty eyed...but I am admittedly a sucker for stuff like that.

The tournament has already been nuts...great games and moments and upsets and performances and we still have 15 games to go

Something happened yesterday though that made me think about these moments.

We never think about when these moments happen...but to someone the expense of your team.

We don't think about how Vanderbilt feels...we're too happy for Murray State...we don't think about how Texas feels...we focus on Wake Forest....we don't think about the shock felt in Kansas...we're too amazed that little dude from Northern had the minerals to fire from 3......

Well yesterday....Michigan State did it to Maryland....and suddenly I saw the shining moment through a different prism...the one that sees four years come to a stunning end in the blink of an eye.

Greivis vasquez was everything the acc player of the year is supposed to be during the last minute 53 when he scored 10 points and made every shot he took ...the last two gave his team leads in a game they had trailed by 16...the last one came with 6.6 on the clock.....if the Terps win....the country would have talked all week about the performance he put on he wouldn't let his team lose - as he had done seemingly all year.

but there were still 6.6 seconds on the clock ...and this wasn't his belonged to korie lucious and michigan states....and when HIS shot went in...with zeros on the clock....all vasquez could do....was put his hands on his head in disbelief....because the game....the season...and his career as a player at Maryland were all over....

and we never think about THAT side of those happy moments.....until we do....and when you reminds us how much we care about these silly games.....sometimes...more than we should.