Sunday, December 13, 2009

Benjamin's First Maryland Basketball Game

Got a pair of excellent tickets for the Maryland-Eastern Kentucky game so I took Benjamin to his first Terps experience. He slept on the drive to College Park but was wide awake when we got to Comcast Center.

He was a little intimidated by the number of people inside the building but he got used to the surroundings quick. We walked around and he thought both the Men's and Women's National Championship trophies from 2002 and 2006 respectively were cool.

We grabbed some food, ate and got to our seats to watch warm ups. Once the game started I tried taking pictures but Benjamin had a lot of questions about the game, players, rules, Testudo the mascot. So I put the camera away and he saw this as an invitation to sit on my lap during the game for the better view.

He got an understanding of basketball, loved watching three pointers and dunks and said he can't wait to play basement hoops when he got home.

We left in the second half, he was missing Mommy and wanted to see the Christmas tree that Weena decorated. We listened to the game on the ride home. For the record, the Terps won 83-72.

We got a couple souvenirs and Benjamin was very happy. He told everyone at the house all about the game and how much fun he had. Daddy had a great time too.

Rubbing the Terrapin for good luck outside Comcast Center

Checking out Terp hoop history

Grabbing a hot dog before the game.

Pregame stretch and warm ups

Scouting from Section 101, Row 4

Terps before the game

Game action

Greivis Vasquez

Adrian Bowie

Eric Hayes

Game Summary from The Washington Post

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic! He's just like his Dad when it comes to sports!