Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An Early Thanksgiving

Today we celebrate!

Last month my Mother in Law Aida was diagnosed with meningioma.
Meningioma is a form of a brain tumor that is on the surface of the brain and lodged between the layer of the skull and the brain.

Aida had successful surgery on October 21st, the tumor was benign and post surgery she spent a month at a rehabilitation hospital recovering and re-learning how to walk and use her left arm and hand again.

It is with great happiness that I report today that she was released from the rehabilitation hospital and is home safe and sound. Once we got to our house I was going to use her wheel chair to wheel her to the front steps and assist her into the house but she insisted on walking up to the front door with her walker. She said she wanted to walk into the house and she did.

I have much respect for Physical Therapists and Nurses now. The dedication I saw from the hospital staff during the time Aida was there was simply incredible. Today there were a lot of tears shed as Aida was hugging the folks she got to know there over the past month. She called this her graduation day. We dropped off a lot of baked goods with the staff and Benjamin made a card.

I felt sadness for the people there in recovery who not as fortunate, the one's who can't talk or do much with out assistance, the one's with cages to keep their head steady and neck in place. The one's with a longer recovery road ahead of them. These are someone’s grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers and husbands too. Today I was near tears watching them for the last time today. We are extremely blessed.

This was a difficult time in all of our lives and Aida has been through a lot. I am very happy she has progressed and is not in pain anymore. She still has some work to do in regaining her strength to walk properly again. We are hopeful she will do so. She had a lot of love, support and prayer to guide her along the way. All of us thank you very much.

This was our Thanksgiving. I hope your holiday is as wonderful as ours.


romualdo said...

Thank God for mom's fast healing and recovery. Thank you Bill for the care and the love you gave and keep on giving to our mom and so to dad. Our family thanks you so much.


Jim's sister said...

WOW!! Such great news!! PT folks are just such loving, energetic and POSITIVE souls!!! We love PT, OT and SpTh staff --- and owe Jim's ability to swallow to one such speech therapist who would not give up last year this time.
What a great Thanksgiving for you and Aida and all the extended family!!

God Bless, Laura

Anonymous said...

This is the most thankful ever "thanksgiving holiday" to us and to all Roncal family - we love you ate Aida

Vic,Tetet and Benedict

p.s. good job Bill!