Friday, October 02, 2009

Car Woes

Today we took Weena's car over to the repair shop where she knows a mechanic. She needed a new muffler. My car was acting a little funny on the way to Benjamin's day care, I'd accelerate but the car would take a moment to move. I thought maybe because I was in a hurry to get Benjamin to day care that I didn't let it warm up.

We drop off Weena's car and on the way home it was acting up worse. We're in the middle of the road (during rush hour I might add) when the car stops suddenly. The engine is running but nothing happens when I push the accelerator. I turned on the hazard lights and turned off the engine. A couple folks pulled over to help and after a minute I started the car and was able to move it from the middle of the road to the far right lane.

So we called for a tow truck and got it taken to our mechanic. Weena's car is fixed but I await my fate of my car. I'm hoping it's not a back breaker $$$$ wise. Early in the morning Benjamin indicated he wanted to go with us to see the mechanic but we told him he would be very late for school if we did. Normally I like to show him new things and experiences but I was very glad I took him to school at his normal time today.

I appreciate the folks who stopped to help. Bless you for caring. To the folks who felt it was cool to yell, curse, honk and flip me off, how will you feel if/when this happens to you one day? I really wanted to stop in the middle of a busy highway during rush hour and mess up everyone's day.

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