Monday, September 21, 2009

Benjamin's First Black Eye

Benjamin got his first black eye the other day. He was running during outside play time at day care and accidentally came into contact with another classmate. His teachers administrated ice to prevent swelling and TLC to soothe and calm him. Within minutes he was ok. He had a little shiner, no swelling. When I came to pick him up, his teacher briefed me on what happened and gave me the incident report. Kids being kids, he's almost four. It happens.

On Saturday morning we spent our usual time playing at the local playground. Afterwards we went to have lunch and we had the following conversation:

Benjamin: "Daddy, does (Alex) Ovechkin and (Chris) Cooley get black eyes when they play sports?"

Me: "Sometimes. Pro hockey and football are rough sports and those things happen. Those guys are tough though"

Benjamin: "Ovechkin and Cooley and me are tough guys?"

Me: "I'd say so"

Benjamin: "Yeah!"

The little guy wore his black eye like a badge of honor and the good news is that it is starting to fade away.


aaron said...

"Boys being boys?" My daughter had a shiner that lasted our entire vacation, from playing daredevil in her chair at school. Believe me, it's not about gender. :)

Bill-DC said...

Aaron, you're right and I heard the same thing from a co-worker this morning so I went back and edited it. Hope Emelia was ok.