Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Capitals Playoff Tickets

Caps playoff tickets to games 1-2 just about gone. There was a password sent to season ticket holders and the pre-sale was at 10:00 today. I read where a Caps ticket representative said there probably won't be a public sale of playoff tickets.

Last year I was able to buy tickets to game one and seven vs the Flyers. This year I guess I'm the fan with his nose pressed up against the glass on the outside looking in.

If this keeps opposing fans from waltzing into Verizon Center (aka The Red House) as they did in the past, I'm ok with there being no public sale. Last year there were too many Flyers fans in the building. This year the Caps have 12,000 season tickets sold. Congrats to Owner Ted Leonsis and the Caps staff for the incredible job of rebuilding the franchise after the NHL lockout.

This is, in my opinion, the best Capitals team I have ever seen and I've been following them since the expansion year 1974-75. They are legitimate threats to win the Stanley Cup. I'll do what I can to try to get in the Red House for a game once the schedule is announced as I'd love to get some playoff game shots with my new camera. If I can't, I'll be watching them on TV with the same intensity I have when I am in attendance.

Let's go Caps!!!!


Anonymous said...

THe Red House, I like that!

Bill-DC said...

Thanks. That actually came from my son Benjamin. We were looking through some pictures I took and he noticed a lot of fans wearing red jerseys and shirts, so he called Verizon Center "The Red House".

He's three and a half and came up with a clever marketing campaign. If Ted Leonsis wants it, he can hook me and Benjamin up with a ticket to a playoff game, LOL!

Bill-DC said...

Yesterday I was able to get a ticket to game one. Section 424 Row O so I will be able to put the camera and zoom lens to work.


Anonymous said...

I went to all four Caps games last year against the Flyers and the crowd was at least 90% Caps fans. This year i expect it 99.9 percent caps fans!!!

Bill-DC said...

I hope you are right. 90 percent Caps fans means roughly 1,900 Flyer fans. I thought there were more than that in the house for game 7.

Last week I had the presale code but I got it too late to take advantage of it so I used it for research purposes just to see where in the house I could get one ticket.

All I saw were singles $225 and up. Believe me it was tempting to pull the trigger on a seat in section 111, row A for game one but I passed. I've never sat that close beofre. Hopefully a Caps fan got it later.

There will be Ranger fans in the house but hopefully they will be scattered around and not in large groups as in the past when the Pens bussed groups in.

Anonymous said...

I love the Caps and i just saw game 5 live and it rocked!! I sat in awesome seats .. they cost a pretty penny but it was worth every penny. I want to go to game 7 !! I bought my game 5 ticket from StubDepot.com and they did me right! going back for game 7!!