Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alex Ovechkin = More Greatness!

I want this in my archives. The best player in hockey today plays for the Capitals and he scored his 42nd goal in the Caps 4-3 shootout win over Montreal.

My friend Ed was there last night:

The look on Carey Price's (Canadien's goalie) face that says, "You gotta be kidding me," is awesome.

Later in the period, the showed the goal during a TV timeout. Ovechkin was on the bench and watching it on the big screen. After it went in, Ovechkin put a glove to his ear, looked at the crowd, and everyone went crazy.

Except for the 3 Habs fans in my section.

It's great to watch the Caps now, they are very entertaining and are a legitimate threat to win the Stanley Cup. The building sells out nightly. I am introducing Benjamin to this team and he loves Alex and Mike Green. Hopefully I'll get him to a game soon.

Let's go Caps!

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed watching it on full screen! Reminds me of the 70's at the Caps Center!