Sunday, November 23, 2008

Florida State 37, #22 Maryland 3

Maryland was outclassed by Florida State in all aspects of the game. This game, the worst home loss since 2000 (Florida State 59-7) really wasn't as close as the score indicates. With the loss and the Boston College win over Wake Forest, the Terps have officially been eliminated from the ACC Atlantic Division race. Either Florida State or Boston College will win this now.

Florida State and their defensive pressure was too much for the Terps (FSU 21 points off turnovers) and the Terps just had no answer. Maryland couldn’t get their running game going, they had just one yard gained on the ground at the half. QB Chris Turner was just getting hammered. He was sacked six times, intercepted twice and seen running for his life every other play.

I know I should probably write more but I'm still thawing out. It's Sunday morning as I crank this out and I really want to forget about this game.

It's not going be easy to get things together as the Terps (7-4, 4-3 ACC) head to Boston College to play for bowl position next week. Turner is probably still shocked from the pounding he took last night. The Terps have rebounded nicely from all their prior losses all season, but I'm wondering if they can bounce back from this one.

The Good:
Honoring the 30 seniors on the team before the game. One of the reasons I love being a season ticket holder is seeing these kids progress. Every season has ups and downs but I appreciate the effort these kids put into this team and tonight was our chance to salute them.

Florida State safety Myron Rolle earned a Rhodes Scholarship on Saturday evening, then boarded a plane and joined his team in the second half. Rolle is an aspiring neurosurgeon and he will be entitled to study for two years at the University of Oxford in England. Very cool honor.

The Bad:
No chance at an ACC Championship with the loss.

The Terps entered the game with a perfect 6-0 record at home and finished the season 6-1.

RB Da'Rel Scott fumbled twice. True the Florida State defense was all over the place but Scott's not fully recovered from his shoulder injury he suffered in October.

The Ugly:
Not sure where to put this one but for the record Maryland is 4-0 against Top 25 teams, 3-4 against unranked teams and 0-4 at night.

The crowd exiting midway through the third quarter. I know it was cold and I know it was a Florida State beat down of the Terps but at least stick it out. At the end of the game all who were left besides your's truly were several hundred FSU fans and the Maryland Band.

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