Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More from D.C. United-L.A. Galaxy

In the 75th minute Ben Olsen entered the game with D.C. United ahead 4-1. What's special about this? Click here. It's incredible Ben came back from this latest injury. I thought the earliest we'd see him back would be some time next year, if at all.

It was cool that Ben came back during Benjamin's first D.C. United game ever. Ben Olsen's been my favorite D.C. United player for quite some time. As the banner above indicates, he has the heart of a lion. One of the best comments I read on Big Soccer came from a rival New York fan, saying Ben Olsen is to D.C. United is what Babe Ruth is to the New York Yankees. On Sunday when I saw the #14 sign go up signifying his entry into the game, I got chills. Having Benjamin with me was special. I'll explain it all to him one day when he is older. I printed the above picture and will place it in his scrapbook along with the ticket stubs.

So for the past two nights now we've kicked the soccer ball around. Benjamin's really into it now. For a two and a half year old boy, what is better than running and kicking a ball around?

More on Ben's return here


Dave Lifton said...

Remind me to disagree with the "Olsen as Babe Ruth" analogy later. The person who came up with that understands neither United nor Yankees history.

Bill-DC said...

Here it is in the Post Match. I liked that one of the few remaining NYRB fans was jealous enough to post it there.