Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Couple Benjamin Pics

The picture on the left was taken on New Year's Day. Benjamin and his cousin Colton are hanging out. Colton is two and a half years old while Benjamin is a little over fourteen months. Both are American mestizos, a combination of American and Filipino (Colton's Mom is from the Philippines, like Weena). The picture on the right is Benjamin on Christmas morning when he was opening his presents. I love his expression here. Just thought I'd share these two.

I've been really amazed at Benjamin's progress. He is developing quite a vocabulary now. We like to sit down with picture and word books and have him try to pronounce various things. Tonight he learned how to say "thank you". He can point to any one of us and tell us who we are. When I pick him up at day care, he points and says "Daddy!" When Weena walks in the door after work, he says "Mommy!"

He's also learned how to signal a touchdown. When we watch football and yell "touchdown" he raises his arms in the air. He also points to the Maryland Terrapins logo and says "Turtle!". Tonight we watched part of the Caps game together and I'm teaching Benjamin how to say Olie (for goalie Olie Kolzig, he says "Leeeeeeeee") and Ovie (for Alexander Ovechkin, he says "Veeeeeee!").

I'll get him started on D.C. United chants in time for Spring.

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