Monday, December 19, 2005

Hey there!

I'll give this a shot. The title comes from a Nils Lofgren song which is a favorite of mine. I've followed Nils since junior high school and first saw him in concert at Georgetown University's McDonough Gymnasium in 1977. He's plays a mean guitar and is long time member of the E Street Band. For more on Nils, check him out at his web site.

Right now as I start this blog, a lot is going on in my life. My wife Edelwina (Weena for short) and I have a newborn son. When I first saw Benjamin on October 25, 2005, I didn't see a sheet of instructions that came with him. So both Weena and I are learning more and more each day as Benjamin grows. Stay tuned.

I'll have ramblings about sports, music and whatever else is going on. Enjoy!

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