Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Message...

It's been awhile since I wrote anything here but had to share this.

Today I drop my car off for service as Ben and I are taking a road trip to see my Mom in South Carolina next week. After I handed over the keys and discussed the work to be done, I request a shuttle to take me to work. A man brings the shuttle around, nice as can be asking how I am, where I was going...So on the ride to work he asks me if I’m ready for Christmas...

I replied back almost, that I have a couple more things to get as I always wait to the last minute. It's what I do every Christmas... So I asked him if he's set and he said no Christmas shopping for him this year... I paused a bit and I said oh?... And he told me his wife had a liver transplant at Johns Hopkins and she is home recovering and that is my gift this Christmas.

And before I met this gentleman I’m silently moaning about how much a car repair is going to set me back. Yikes! After we reached my office I wanted to hug this guy and say all will be ok but we shook hands and I promised to pray for him and his family. Since I drop Ben off every day at Catholic school and there is our church a hundred yards away I'll do so as well as light a candle.

Since I've been at work today I can't stop thinking of this gentleman and his wife. I went to a quiet place at work and just wept. Two years to the day I lost an Aunt after she had a liver transplant. She never got to go home. I don't know, I just feel for this guy and admire how strong he was as he was telling he his story.

I moan and groan about things like the Redskins losing or a driver cutting me off in traffic. Sometimes making them seem like its a big deal when in reality, it's not. Today's encounter was a reminder for me to just focus on health, happiness and love. Sometimes I lose sight of the real important things and get obsessed over really trivial things. I just hope and pray this gentleman and his family will be okay and can continue to be a strong, loving family.

I guess the lesson I learned today is a simple one...to remember to count your blessings today and every day forward.

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