Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Terps Football Blog

My Terps Football Experience blog has been fun to put together so far despite the Terps 1-3 start. The past couple seasons I've tried to give a decent game recap on this blog but since I got my new camera and take an average of 300 pictures a game, I thought I would use a separate blog to display the photos. Now I often spend more time lining up the shot and taking it than watching the game. Instead of game recaps by your's truly, I link stories by various members of the media.

I've been updating it daily and I call it a one-stop shop for all things Terp football related. I post links to the site on Maryland fans message boards and the Terps opponent message boards as well and thus far it's been fairly successful in terms of the amount of traffic it gets.

The site is a labor of love for me and I get to live out a little dream of being a sports photographer/journalist. If folks are happy because I got a shot of their son in uniform on game day catching a key pass or making a block or if I get a picture of someone's favorite player, that makes me happy. The response has been positive and I've even had a couple requests for photos from folks wanting a picture for a screen saver on their computers.

This is all shot from my seat in Section 19 at Byrd Stadium although last week I went and shot the third quarter from a lower part of Section 20 where a friend was and that worked well.

Maybe one day I'll invest in some advanced equipment. Maybe one day I'm on the sidelines taking pictures.

The link is at the end of this post. If anyone has a name suggestion, I'm all for it by the way. Enjoy!

Terps Football Experience

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