Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Take That Diabetes: A1C is 5.5!

I had a follow up doctor's appointment today and my A1C is 5.5!

This is below the 5.7 I was projecting after averaging the 350 or so blood sugar readings I've done since I was officially diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in mid July.

This is down from the whopping 11.5 when I was last tested in July. When I left the office I was all confused and didn't understand the significance of this number then and I forgot about it as I was thinking was I had to make serious lifestyle changes. I'm stunned it was so high then, but I saw the results from that appointment when I was there today.

It was 7.4 back in March, three months after I collapsed in my basement. For those keeping score I go from 7.4 --> 11.5 ---> 5.5

Here's a quick rewind: I collapsed briefly in my basement in December. A lot of factors were involved. Stressful job situation, a minor car accident the day before and I had a cold as well. I went to the doctor and a variety of tests were done to see if I suffered a stroke, had any heart or brain damage when I was passed out.

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetes then. Being the stubborn person that I am, I did nothing but take the blood pressure and cholesterol medication I was prescribed. No diet change, no real exercise and I still ate what I wanted. I work for a CPA firm and during the tax season they had all kinds of food and sweets available in the kitchen and I took advantage of that.

Then comes the July appointment and I was Type II diagnosed. I had to do something so I got very serious with my diet and exercise. I couldn't just pop meds and have everything magically disappear. So after three months of exercising 45-60 minutes a day, five days a week, I feel healthier and stronger today. I can't get down at myself for the six months I blew off to start the year as time can't be replaced once passed, but I know now not to take a break. This is with me for life.

Truthfully, I don't miss the ice cream, donuts, cakes and candy I used to pound down. I don't miss McDonald's or soda. Sometimes I will take Benjamin there for lunch and I will eat a grilled chicken sandwich, no mayo and I toss the bun. No french fries and I'll drink either water or unsweetened tea. I actually like the time on the treadmill, elliptical and bike as I can listen to music and sweat uninterrupted. Weena's been great when it comes to preparing my meals and she makes sure I have healty snacks in the house.

According to the scale in the doctor's office, I have lost 20 pounds, down to 196. I'm 5'10 and want to get to 170 so there is still work to be done. The good news is I don't have to go back to the doctor's office for six months.

My attitude is I'll die with the disease, not because of it. I don't want to check out early.

I will have a piece of cake though at Benjamin's third birthday party on Saturday as I feel I've earned it!

Today is a day I pat myself on the back but it's back on the treadmill tonight as I have a lot of work to do now and the rest of my life.


laura, jim's sister said...

This is fantastic, Bill! Congrats on your good news and good management of the diabetes!!

Karen said...

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Karen said...

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