Friday, August 01, 2008

Will Someone Here PLEASE Eat That Cookie!

The one left over sitting in the kitchen from the client meeting that I have walked past three times now. Please!

Since I've changed my diet and am monitoring my blood sugar I've pretty much given up all sweets but the cravings still come. Right now my last nine blood sugar readings have averaged 125.5 and this week I got just two readings in the 200's. I know I need to get it lower but I consider this very good after a couple weeks.

Weight is down eight pounds now and I'm starting to feel pretty good thanks to the steady exercise. Last night I went to the Nationals game and passed on some of my favorite concessions like ice cream and lemonade, opting for just a grilled hot dog less most of the bun and bottled water.

I'm learning a lot from the American Diabetes Association web site and my father, who also has diabetes, has been very helpful and supportive.

Now someone here at work please eat that damn cookie before I throw it against the wall!


maryjanejeff said...

Great to hear about the progress you're making on a daily basis! I know you'll get through this and will do what you need to do.

I went to the Nats game tonight myself as part of a work function. You're right, Joel Hanrahan is scary in the ninth, and not in a good way.

The cookies are a lot easier to resist at the stadium when they're $6. good on ya for not having them at work.

Tammie said...

Hey Bill I manage high readings with lots and lots of water. Keep up the good work. We are getting ready to do a Biggest Loser contest at GRF and I am trying to be the winner so I will be cutting out a lot of sweets and sugar in general too. Starting with a 9-day detox which consist of mostly fruits and vegetables for 9 days. Wish me luck on my jump start.

Bill-DC said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I had a good week at the beach, staying away from sweets and making sure I had veggies with my dinners. Tough to stay away from french fries but I did.

Still down ten pounds, the goal is 30 by the end of the year. This will get me back to the weight I was at in college and I'll go from there.

I go back to the doctor this Friday 8/22. Hopefully some of the meds I am on will be reduced.

Tammie, good luck!!! Jeff, keep up your training for Pikes Peak and good luck there!