Friday, August 22, 2008

Good Doctor's Visit

Good news out of the doctor's office today. He liked my blood sugar readings, average blood sugar reading for August is 117, blood pressure is normal and there is a good chance I will come off one of the two BP meds I am on when I follow up again in October. Thanks to diet and exercise I've officially lost 12 pounds according to their scale.

I will keep the cardio activity going, I'm averaging 30-45 minutes a day. I use the rec. center near our house a couple times a week and when I'm there I ride the stationary bike for 20 minutes and use the elliptical trainer for another 20 minutes. I have a treadmill in our basement that I use and with my iPod and Orioles game on the TV, I really enjoy the workout. Soon I will incorporate weights in my routine, not to bulk up but to flatten things out and to build muscle. I need to talk to someone at the rec. center about it before I get into it though as you just can't pick up some weights and start lifting.

I will have an A1C test done during my follow up visit in October. My last reading was 7.4 back in April. Ideally it should be 6.0

To summarize things, I really don't miss the soda and sweets that I have given up. I don't even miss french fries. Occasionally I treat myself to a chocolate chip cookie. I can walk past the candy display at the supermarket check out and not pick up a couple Milky Ways. I don't really miss ice cream either.

In closing, I feel a hell of a lot better walking out of that doctor's office today than I did five weeks ago.


Jim's sister said...

Zippideedoodaa, Zippideeayy!!!
Congrats Bill on your changed routines and discipline! Keep it up and continue to reap rewards - especially sharing life with Weena and Benjamin - Amen!
God Bless, laura

Anonymous said...

In my own case, I started with a standard, sensible diet to lose weight. Then, as I followed that diet, I tested everything I ate at my peak hours after I ate it. If I consistently found that something led to high blood glucose levels, I changed it.

Sometimes I changed the food, sometimes the quantity, sometimes the timing, but always the aim was to minimise "spikes". Gradually I found I was eating significantly less carbohydrates, a little more protein and a little more "good" oils.

Trust your meter. Be ruthless. You no longer have any favorite foods and you no longer have any foods you will not try. Only foods that are bad for your BGs when eaten in excess, and foods you haven't tried yet.

Over time you will gradually adjust your menu until the numbers you see will nearly always meet your goals. As that happens review the resulting menu to ensure that other nutrition goals for micronutrients, fibre etc are still being met. If not, add other foods in to meet those needs - but test those new foods too.

And also, when that time comes, review your goals and make them tighter if appropriate.