Friday, July 11, 2008

Tip for Today

I don't write about my job much but I'll update you a bit as to where I am today.

June 2007 I took a job with a CPA firm three times the size of where I was at. It was closer to home and I thought it was a good move. Long story, short, it wasn't. I figured that out a month into it. I wasn't happy but I managed to grind it out six months until I got my current job with a firm much smaller and closer to home, Weena's office and Benjamin's day care. I'm very happy there and I enjoy going in to work each day.

Part of my job duties is monitoring accounts receivable. Not the most glamourous work but it is very important to the business and I come up with ways to keep myself challenged and motivated as I work on the list. I do like to work out any problems clients have in making their payments. The idea is to keep the client while getting paid and over the years I have been very successful at doing this. Occasionally I will get an angry client. One of the tricks I learned at a seminar I went to yesterday was to keep a photo of something that makes you happy while making these calls. The instructor said when having a smile on your face, clients can sense you are upbeat. Today I have a picture of Benjamin below my computer monitor and I think of him as I make these calls.

So today I'm on my last call with this client and he's none to pleased to be talking with me:

Me: "I'm calling in reference to some past due invoices totalling $xx,xxx.xx"

Him: "I'm having a shi**y day and you call me up looking for money? The &@^#&@ stock market stinks and I'm watching my life go down the tubes!!!!

Send me the &*^#%%@ invoices with back up, what was done, time spent and by who, not just numbers, I want what's behind the numbers, got it!"

Me: "Done by COB today".

Him: "Ok, sorry for being an ass . Man, the stock market stinks!"

We hang up and I decide to take a look at Washington and see that the Dow is down 226.

So I learned something else...check how the Dow is doing before calling the head of an asset management company when looking to collect past due invoices. Whoops!

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