Thursday, July 24, 2008

Diabetes: Week One

So far during the first week I've tested my blood sugar with one of these One Touch monitors. I've been testing myself at various times during the day to the point where I feel like a pin cushion. My readings have varied but it will take time before this is under control so I am not too worried. I'm taking my medication daily and watching what I eat. I've lost four pounds, which is the equivalent to taking a five dollar bill out of Donald Trump's wallet, ha ha.

I do miss my chocolate and sweets and sometimes during the day I get headaches. I do have a roll of Lifesavers handy and usually sucking on one of these candies helps.

I've been exercising in the evenings and this definitely helps control my blood sugar and as a result I do feel better. I'm not as run down at the end of the day so there's some progress. Meanwhile I am reading as much as I can on diabetes and I have a follow-up doctor's appointment in a month.

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