Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kidney Stones

It all started with a little stomach ache around 6:00. I had just gotten home from my first day of my new job when the pain hit. It was pretty minor and thought it was jitters from the first day so I drank a Coke hoping to settle things down.

I ate a little dinner, then took Benjamin upstairs to read to him and help get him ready for his bath and bedtime. Around 8:00 I felt a twinge in my back and when Weena came up to give Benjamin his bath, I went downstairs in the basement to stretch. I did some stretching and decided to sit down and watch the Orioles-Nationals game when surging pain hit and I fell off the couch onto the floor. I had kidney stones before, in September 2000 that required surgery so I was familiar with what the pain was like. Some call it the closest to giving birth a man will ever feel. It felt like I was shot and I was screaming in the basement in pain for close to 45 minutes.

Weena came down stairs and I asked if we had any pain killers and she gave me one Percocet. So here I am now an hour after taking the Percocet in no pain, cranking out a blog entry.

If I do have these I hope that I can pass them and not have the surgery I had back in 2000. Good news is I am on my new employer's health plan effective today.

More information about kidney stones here.

In the meantime, I probably should give up drinking sodas. I don't drink much, usually one a day at lunch and maybe a couple on the weekend. I'll replace those with more water. Stay tuned.


Dave Lifton said...

Yikes, Bill. Feel better!

Eric said...


Give up soda now. If you need the carbonation, drink soda water.

Hope you feel better.

EdTheRed said...

Oh no, Mr. Bill! My dad has had "the stones" a couple of times (doesn't help that he seems to think that tea is an adequate substitute for water, but he's stubborn like that). Nasty stuff, but like they say, "this too shall pass...or be broken up with lithotripsy."

Bill-DC said...


I crashed out good until around 4:00 AM when the pains came back. I took one half of a percoset and struggled for a half hour before going back to sleep. I am thankful I didn't have to get up early to make my prior commute. Of course if I still worked my former place of employment, I would have just called in sick.

I couldn't do that the second day of the new job though. Around 11:00, the pain came back and I took a quarter of a percoset (just slugging them down like Pez, which I'm not really into but I don't have anything else stronger to ease this pain) and it eased up. I was thinking these pains come every seven or eight hours but nothing since the 11:00 pain.

I've been drinking water like crazy and I'm lucky the men's room is close by where my desk is.

I hoping this stone will pass soon. I had this in 2000 and eventually the stones had to be lasered out and this, my friends, is not fun.

Bill-DC said...

Update #2. At 3:15 AM I think this passed. As of 1:00 PM today, no more pain.