Sunday, July 02, 2006


Nothing much going on except a stomach virus is passing through our house. First Benjamin had it. He was throwing up a lot on Friday and into Saturday morning so we took him to a branch of his pediatric office that had Saturday hours. He's fine, we gave him some Pedialyte as recommended by the physician on duty and that, mixed into his formula, stopped the vomiting. He's teething big time now and we see two little bottom teeth coming in. Now Weena has the stomach virus. I expect I'll get it next and I'll make a prediction that it hits me around this time tomorrow night. UPDATE on the Update. Sure enough, the stomach virus hit me around 7:00 AM this morning.

Next, we have found a new day facility for Benjamin. We were taking him to a relative's house, who is a licensed day care provider with ten years experience. She came through in the clutch for us as we needed someone in June. However, the commute was just too far for the two of us and we got lucky when a spot at a day care facility three miles from our house opened up. He starts July 10 as Weena is off this week on vacation.

The World Cup semifinals are as follows:
France vs Portugal and Germany vs Italy. My two teams, the US and Spain both crashed out of the tournament so I am pulling hard for Germany to win this. I was pleased to see Portugal beat England. I was stunned to see Brazil go out like they did. Click on the center link below and check out this goal by Thierry Henry of France. Zinedine Zidane, #10, set this up wonderfully. I'm not a fan of France but since I started watching soccer seriously again in the early '90's, Zidane's been an absolute delight to watch.

Brazil Vs France - 57th minute, Thierry Henry - France Goal

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