Saturday, June 17, 2006

World Cup: Gutsy Effort By The USA

USA Shows Heart in 1-1 draw with Italy.

I was very down on the US after their World Cup opening match loss to the Czech Republic this past Monday. Today, I am very proud of the USA’s efforts after grinding out a 1-1 draw with Italy despite being reduced to nine men for much of the second half.

In a wild game, Italy had one player, Daniele De Rossi dismissed for an elbow on Brian McBride that bloodied him and the USA lost Pablo Mastroeni on a very questionable red card and Eddie Pope, who picked up his second yellow card of the game. Pope and Mastroeni will miss Thursday’s match vs Ghana.

Despite being at a disadvantage, the US played scrappy and showed a lot of guts in gaining a point that keeps alive their chances at advancing into the next round.

The referee of this match, Jorge Larrionda, was horrible and I’m being nice here. I hope FIFA does the right thing and yanks this guy’s privileges for the rest of the tournament. Coach Bruce Arena also showed some restraint in his post match discussion. "Two red cards in the spread of five minutes is pretty harsh and I respect the team for the way they dealt with it," he said.

USA 1 (Own goal, 27)
Italy 1 (Gilardino 22)

Sure, the US needs to find some goal scoring as all they have to show for two games is an own goal. Being positive, this is the USA’s first point in World Cup play on European soil in nine matches(0-8-1). On Thursday, June 22 the US plays Ghana and Italy plays the Czech Republic. Game time for both matches is 10:00 AM EST.

There are a number of scenarios for the US to advance. I'll take the easiest, the US wins and Italy wins.



Bhushan said...

Hello there .It was a match that i hope was good that i did not was a late night match and so i could not see it.from what the highlights i saw,it was in bad-taste. fouls going on and wasn't physical,it was fighting and free for all type of match.i wonder if that's good for football.

Bill-DC said...

It was an intense match. I was on the edge of my seat screaming throughout the whole thing. The US shouls have won.

Mastroeni later got a three game suspension for his red card and De Rossi got a four game suspension.

I am not a fan of Italian football and I hope the Ukraine knocks them out.