Wednesday, May 03, 2006

John Daly and Addiction

In an autobiography, "John Daly: My Life In and Out of the Rough" due in stores next week, John Daly says he lost between $50 million and $60 million during 12 years of heavy gambling. It was reported after he lost a playoff to Tiger Woods last fall at the American Express Championship in San Francisco, he drove to Las Vegas and blew $1.65 million in five hours playing $5,000 slots.

I've been a John Daly fan since 1991 when he came from the 9th alternate spot to gain entry in and win the PGA Championship. Classic Cinderella story from out of nowhere. In the years that followed, he's told various media outlets he's been addicted to alcohol, gambling, women (four wives), Diet Coke, M&M's and cigarettes. The one thing he's not addicted to unfortunately is winning, having won just once on the PGA Tour(2004) since he won his second major (1995 British Open).

He'll always be a popular draw wherever he tees it up though. He's always been generous with his money, and not just in casinos. He's donated a lot of time and money to charitable events. An example here. I last saw him in 2004 when he played at the Booz Allen Classic at TPC Avenel and I hope he comes back to DC in what could be the last PGA Tour event held here.


Mom said...

Nice story about John Daly. Glad you picked this one up.

David Lifton said...

"he drove to Las Vegas and blew $1.65 million in five hours playing $5,000 slots."

When Kim and I go to Vegas, we always look at the High Roller Slot areas in the casinos and think, "If you've got that much money, why would you blow it on something where you have absolutely no control over whether or not you win?"