Friday, April 28, 2006

Update On My Cousin

He likes all the Motomail we are sending. It’s definitely raising up his spirits. Since his favorite team is the Washington Redskins, I’ve been cutting and pasting what I can from the Post into daily Motomails for him to keep in touch with the developments.

He’s doing well, the duty is tough but he’s qualified and capable as are his Marines. His final thoughts were to keep that Motomail coming.

First Battalion, 25th Marines are now my family too and I get emotional thinking about them. Honestly, I feel connected to those guys over there. Without getting too political here, as upset as I am at this whole war, those Marines (and other service men and women ) are defending our freedom and sticking up for the little things that we do each day. Stuff like holding your son, going to work and watching ball games. These are our leaders and I'm damn proud of every one of them. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

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Bill-DC said...

Some of the things needed which I saw off a web site. I'm putting together a little package to send to my cousin.

Baby Wipes
Foot powder
AA Batteries
Socks – Prefer brown, black, green, but we will take any color
Ramen Noodles
Little Debbie snacks
Breakfast bars snacks
Beef jerky / slim jims (things you can throw in pocket for long patrols)
Stick ups / air freshners (industrial strength would be nice)
Lysol or equivalent.